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Goffstown Police arrest motor vehicle operator for DWI and conduct after an accident

GOFFSTOWN 28 January 2017:  In the late afternoon on 24 January 2017, Goffstown Police and Emergency Services personnel responded to a report of erratic operation of a motor vehicle which caused damage to property.  As Goffstown Police investigated the accident and apparent locations of where the vehicle traversed it was found the operator traveled an additional seven tenths of a mile beyond Wallace Road and drove into a field across from the former Villa Augustina School along Mast Road.  Reports also indicate the operator of this plow truck began with hitting an automobile along Main Street in the Village of which his snow plow came in contact with, and then continued on Mast Road toward the Wallace Road Round-a-Bout.  The truck also came in contact with the Round-a-Bout and took down a few traffic signs.

Taken into custody was Mark Capps, 31 of Goffstown.  Capps' arraignment will be on 2 February in the Goffstown District Court.  He is charged with driving while intoxicated and conduct after an accident.  Capps was released on Personal Recognizance Bail.

A motorist (name withheld by request) who witnessed the accident first hand as the truck was travelling over the front yard of the property tells us;  I was the first coming from Wallace into the roundabout when he literally got air over the roundabout median and landed in this yard! I had her yard sprayed onto my car! I can't believe no one was hurt!!! He almost took my head off! Such a close call!!! And then he took off through two more yards!

Donna DiBello and Moe Bedard, owners of the property located at 112 Mast Road are grateful; "We are Thankful it was a tree that got the worst of this drunk driver.. and not an innocent person!".  Some residents in town refer to their home as "The Barbie House" or "The Doll House", yet owners like to call their home "The Pink House" (above photo).  Donna says their home is a very unique treasured Victorian.  The tree which was damaged is over 100 years old and is a Korean Mulberry tree.  For about three weeks during the summer, the tree provides a delicious purple berry and their children, grandchildren and friends are delighted to enjoy the sweet juicy berries.  The children play "fort" under the tree and use the berry juice too, as face warrior paint.  Many fond memories says Donna.  

Donna says "It does boggle our mind how many trucks have ended up in the middle of the rotary and have gotten stuck because they think they can do a U Turn…causing traffic issues.  The plan was  to slow down traffic. Overall, I haven’t seen this too much. The traffic heading into to village has almost a  straight shot so if there aren’t any cars in the circle then they don’t slow down and rush through. Trucks just keep on plowing through regardless of hitting anything in the middle. In the opposite direction, Traffic  heading from the village towards our house speed up way before the roundabout and swing up Wallace road, especially motorcycles, who like to GUN IT as they hit the curve! For us living here, this is the WORST part! The NOISE level has increased 100% since it was built. MUCH worse than before! The Unbearable Noise level has been our Biggest issue here since the rotary was installed.  When we bought this house in 1986, we never had this kind of noise or traffic issue. and due to all the other towns growing WE have to put up with the traffic and sounds.  We are NOT in favor of a light at this intersection!  They would have to take even MORE of my front yard!  My property value has already decreased significantly enough from the land they used for the roundabout."

(exclusive video and still images provided by Donna DiBello)