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The Importance of getting your health immunizations

The Editor

To Goffstown and the surrounding communities,  

            The importance of getting your health immunizations could potentially save a life; yours, a family members, or even your neighbors. Join the community today and look to find where you can get vaccinated and protected from potential illnesses.

            Vaccine-preventable diseases can be a threat to our community’s health. APHA and the CDC promotes immunization for children and the lifespan that follows. Doing so will allow a decrease in the spread of disease and a decrease in the unhealthy living conditions in the community. Vaccines can easily eliminate or greatly reduce diseases. Promoting this for the safety of the health for the community can make a great difference.

            With Goffstown being slightly smaller on the map, but huge at heart from the population that is living here, bringing awareness to vaccine preventable illnesses could potentially help thousands of people. Vaccines are not as commonly understood and with the lack of education around them, communities can be very against this idea. Visiting local Rite Aids/CVS pharmacies or local health educators and asking questions regarding your health and vaccines, will allow you to obtain the information needed. The APHA and CDC also provide an overwhelming amount of information ranging from what a vaccination is, who should get one, when you should get them, and why. Visit your local health educators or online health websites and get your vaccine today!

One person can make a huge difference in the health of this Goffstown community join me, Ashley Allaire, and learn your role in public health.

Ashley Allaire, University of New Hampshire, Durham, formerly from Goffstown

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