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Letter to the Editor - State Vaccine Registry Threatens Privacy

Letter to the Editor

Voters have choices
to make on September 13 for state representatives so it is important to know the record of current representatives to decide if they still represent your interests.  I urge Weare voters to consider candidates other than Rep. Neal Kurk.  While Rep. Kurk has served many terms and in the past has been considered an advocate for privacy rights, he has shown himself to no longer be trustworthy on privacy matters.  His support of the State Vaccine Registry of adults is a breach of trust in privacy protections.

Rep. Kurk has ensured that  your private medical records (whether you vaccinate or not) will be sent to the State Vaccine Registry unless you Opt-Out in writing on a government form and submit that form to every medical provider who may have a file on you before they send your information to the State.  This “presumed consent” with written “Opt-Out” requirement is the opposite of what the current law provides where consent must be given and no “Opt-Out” is required. 

As New Hampshire’s leading advocate for vaccine choice and vaccine privacy, I have been involved with this State Vaccine Registry for over four years and have tried to ensure that privacy protections were in place and that this remained a voluntary registry.  It is disappointing that Rep. Kurk in his own words “caved” when it came to the privacy protections of New Hampshire adults.  Remember, you have choices other than Neal Kurk for State Representative.

Laura Condon


Representative Kurk Responds

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