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Some by Air, Some by way of the Alaskan Highway, a meet up in Alaska was the goal

ALASKA - 26 July 2017: The vacation plans for John and Phyllis Burt and  David and Meridith Suitor came together this summer with both couples traveling to Alaska.  The couples were both touring Alaska with RV’s and crossed paths just south of Delta Junction (top left & photo at bottom: The Meetup - The Burts and the Suitors meet up on an Alaska Highway. l-r, Don St. Onge, Tabby Burt, ­­ Jim Burt, Phyllis Burt, John Burt, Meridith Suitor, and Dave Suitor).

John and Phyllis flew into Anchorage and rented a beautiful Class C motor home. John and Phyllis were traveling with John’s brother Jim and sister-in-law Tabby of Bristol Vermont and Phyllis’ father Don St. Onge of Goffstown.  The group headed north to Denali National Park, then on to Fairbanks and Chena Hot Springs.  The entourage made further stops in Chicken, Valdez, and several towns on the Kenai Peninsula.  After 2 weeks of touring the Burts dropped their RV back in Anchorage and flew home.

David and Meridith took a different route to Alaska.  Fulfilling Dave’s dream to drive the AlCan highway (Dawson Creek, BC to Delta Junction, AK), David and Meridith traveled with  their small travel trailer from Goffstown to Alaska, 4400+ miles.  The Suitors traveled to the Fairbanks area and then south to Denali and then on down to Anchorage.  The couple is now headed down to the Kenai Peninsula for several days and then on to Skagway.  They plan to travel back down the AlCan visiting the Jasper and Banff provincial parks and travel back home on the Trans-Canada Highway.

The vacation for John and Phyllis was their second trip to Alaska having taken a honeymoon cruise many years before.  For Meridith and Dave, the extended Alaska tour was the “Trip of a Lifetime”.  While the Burts have returned home, Meridith and Dave have several more weeks of travel ahead of them.

Submitted from Anchorage by Dave Suitor

(photo below) Formally called Mt McKinley, Denali is the tallest peak in North America at 20, 310 feet.

(photo below) Bears -  A grizzly bear and her cub spotted on the way in to Denali