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Letter to the Editor: Protecting Social Security - ask your Candidate

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Social Security, considered a bedrock of financial security for millions of citizens, will soon be in trouble. Absent some remedial action, the benefits that we paid for year after year will be cut 25%.  For many seniors, the monthly Social Security check is their only source of income.  For many others, the monthly checks keep them above the poverty line.  Due to the rising cost of living and with little or no increase in other income, Social Security will play an even larger role in the lives of these seniors and future generations.  With New Hampshire now having the second oldest population in the country, a cut in Social Security could be a disaster.

AARP, with its finger on the pulse of Americans 50 years or older, reports that citizens want to hear the candidates speak specifically to the future of Social Security, yet are increasingly frustrated at those candidates’ ambiguity in responding.  It’s up to us during this election season, to insist that candidates be forthcoming about their positions on protecting Social Security, and their plans for assuring its solvency in the future.

Robert Denz
South Sutton NH

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