Community News for Goffstown, Dunbarton, New Boston & Weare, NH

2007 - 2017

Silver Birch 4H Club of Dunbarton member achievements and officers sworn in

DUNBARTON - October 14th Silver Birch 4H Club of Dunbarton met to recognize member achievements and acknowledge leaders and the number of  years they have been in the club.  New members were welcomed and this year’s officers were sworn in.

Officers sworn in were:   President Elizabeth Hanson Vice President Lydia Ohman,   Secretary Fallon Labrecque, Treasurer Rebecca Klements, and Reporters Nicole Bullis and Montana Pouliot.

Pictured are Elizabeth Hanson, Lydia Ohman, Fallon Labrecque, Rebecca Klements, and Nicole Bullis.  Missing is Montana Pouliot,  and   David West who serves on the board of directors for the 4-H Foundation of Merrimack County.