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History, geography, and culture meet up on the "General John Stark Scenic Byway"

Presenting the John Stark Scenic Byway

Michael Sullivan, Director, Weare Public Library

History, geography, and culture meet up on the “General John Stark Scenic Byway”, a presentation by David Pierce, Chair of the Stark Scenic Byway Council, at the Weare Public Library on Thursday, February 16, at 6:30pm. All are welcome to come learn about this community resource and how it affects the life and business climate of the region.

The General John Stark Scenic Byway, established in 2009, is a 34-mile loop through the New Hampshire towns of Dunbarton, Weare, New Boston and Goffstown.  The route is on portions of state routes 77 and 13.   It is one of 19 scenic byways established under New Hampshire statue.

To qualify as a scenic byway there must be a preponderance of intrinsic features, first of all those related to the theme denoted in the byway's name, and, secondly, other features which also would make travel on the designated route interesting and of value.  These features could be historical sites, cultural features, recreational opportunities, and scenic views. 

The Stark Scenic Byway qualifies with features from all of these categories.  The family home of Gen. Stark's wife, the Molly Stark is on the route in Dunbarton.  A statute commemorating Stark's son, Caleb, is on the Dunbarton town common.  A British cannon captured during the Revolutionary War, at the Battle of Bennington, is on display at the New Boston Historical Society.  A Stark family cemetery is locate close to the route in Dunbarton. As for features of cultural significance, the high school in Weare is named in his honor and NH route 114 in Goffstown and Weare, together with other routes extending to Charlestown, were named, by state law in 1949, as the John Stark Highway.  All together the management plan for the byway lists 104 features to be noted immediately on, or relatively close to, the byway.

Highway signs were installed in November 2015 so travelers will know they’re on a state scenic byway.  Presently the signage is found “mid-route” between the major intersections.  In the future, additional signage needs to be installed at these intersections with turn arrow indicators.

The byway is managed by the Gen. John Stark Scenic Byway Council.  This group, with members from the four communities and several regional and state-level representatives, meets quarterly.  The Council is always looking for additional members, either residents or business owners, who could help with tourist promotion and sponsorship arrangements.  If interested in helping, please call the Southern NH Planning Commission at 603-669-4664 and ask to speak to the byway coordinator.

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