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New Boston Fire Department faces health and safety challenges

NEW BOSTON - 21 April 2016: As many of you are aware, at the town-wide election on March 9th, the Fire Wards and Building Committee requested $19,500 for the purpose of producing three separate professionally prepared cost estimates for three fire station options. The residents voted to deny this request, which stopped the preferred plan to acquire accurate cost estimates.

While the Warrant Article was defeated, the Fire Wards and Building Committee have decided that the only responsible choice is to pursue other avenues to try and produce valid cost estimates and plan for the best course of action with regard to upgrading the current facility or building a new station. The basis for this decision is due to the serious issues that exist within the current station and cannot be resolved without this effort.

The current station is over 40 years old, and repairs to the facility will be necessary. The Fire Wards will be submitting warrant articles to provide safer working conditions for our members and to address environmental requirements to prevent contamination of our river and ground water.

We are still working on plans to make this station, or a different station, meet the needs of a 21st century fire department in a cost effective and cost conscious manner.  

Our fire station currently has some major challenges with regard to the health and safety of the members of NBFD who serve our community.  Our department of 54 firefighters / EMT’s responded to 418 incidents in 2015. In addition to responding to calls our members participated in a combined 3,263 hours of unpaid training in an effort to provide the best possible service to our community.

In the coming months, the Fire Wards, Building Committee and other community members will be providing information to the town by way of the department Facebook page, newspaper articles and our blog ( There will be a lot of activity surrounding this effort and we encourage your feedback during this process.  There are many talented, intelligent creative minds in New Boston.  Please help the town by applying those open minds to the issues we face.  

-New Boston Fire Wards-

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