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Representative JR Hoell Bow/Dunbarton "Every Vote Counts!"



In 2016 the $1 billion Obamacare
welfare program was passed by the NH House. The “work requirement” was removed by a vote of 182 to 181. Therefore, by the vote of just one state representative, the billion-dollar government expansion passed, and the provision that participants work and be US Citizens was completely stripped out.

You see, every election is important, and this holds particularly true this year. In the September 13th primary election, the voters in Bow have a clear choice when it comes to who they elect as their candidates to continue the November election. The choice is between a proven fiscal conservative and those who are willing to increase the cost of government year after year.

In the 2013-14 year the legislature increased spending $310 million, but that increase pales in comparison to the $555 million ($425/person) general budget increase that was passed during the 2015-16 session. The total spending increases, including expanded Medicaid, this past session exceeded  $1,000/person in the state; at some point those obligations will need to be met with taxpayer dollars.

When I ran for office, I pledged to you the voters to be a trustworthy fiscal conservative. Whether that meant a vote to oppose new spending, fees or taxes or if that meant leading a floor fight to stop the biggest expansion of welfare in the state's history, I was there to be your voice for limited spending. When you go to the polls on Tuesday the 13th, please consider that I have kept my promises and have voted against every spending increase that has been up for a vote in Concord.

Rep. JR Hoell
State Representative, Bow/Dunbarton

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