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2007 - 2017

Letter to the Editor - John van Loendersloot running for Weare Board of Selectmen

My name is John van Loendersloot and I am running for one of two seats on the Board of Selectmen in the wonderful town of Weare.  I have lived here for a little over 5 years now and see great potential for Weare.  I feel we need a diverse group of people at the table and feel my background may help. 

I have been a part of the Planning board here in town for the past 3 years.  I work for a heavy equipment dealer in Londonderry and I am an EMT for the towns of Dunbarton, Allenstown and Pembroke.  I am an active supporter of various animal rescue organizations.  Growing up in the Military allowed me to experience many different facets of this country and allowed me to realize that NH is where I want to be, specifically Weare. 

Weare does however need some help.  We need to improve our roads.  We need to improve our Police Department’s image.  We need to make sure our Police, Firefighters and EMTs have all the equipment and training they need to come at a moment’s notice when we need them the most.  We are getting there, but we need to do more.


Money is tight for most of us.  We need to have a board that spends our tax dollars wisely and believe I am one of the people that can do that.  

Please consider me for the Board of Selectmen when you vote in March.

John van Loendersloot

Weare NH