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A Team Comes Together in Support of one special player, Kohen


 GOFFSTOWN - 3 April 2016: When Coaches prepare their team for the season, each and every player learns that the game is a team concept and they all need each other to win the game.  During the season for "Team Franklin Pierce", things came up a little different and all were joined in for the Championship win.  

Coaches, Michelle Godette, Brad Godette and Keith Cloutier had a challange not only to take their team to the top, but during the final playoffs, #13, Kohen Frost was absent.

Kohen Frost was a great part of the Franklin Pierce team, a team which brought it all together at the Goffstown Parks and Recreation Center on Mast Road in Goffstown.  Only this season the win was for Kohen who lost his father just days before the playoffs began.  Kohen's Dad, Tyler Frost passed away on February 17th of this year.  Kohen had plenty of support from his teammates and coaches, however his mother decided to move to Japan and Kohen was unable to finish the season.  Although his absence brought much sorrow, his team and coaches were determined to win the Championship, and they did just that.

Not only did team players understand what a team concept meant, every player also became very well aware what compassion was all about, the sportsmanship involved and the love they had for their friend who lost his Dad. Coaches geared up to ensure the boys kept their head in the game and remain humble.  Parents were very well aware of what their children were feeling and provided much support in a kind loving way with compassion.  It was not only a difficult season of play, but a difficult season for each player to bring happiness to Kohen from a distance.  

 Below are a few images and a wonderful video made up of outtakes during the season.  Enjoy and feel free to share this page with others.

 Coaches Keith Cloutier and Michelle Godette






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