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Goffstown student, Kacey Palmer named Student of the Month

Manchester, NH – 10 October 2016: The Manchester Community Music School is thrilled to announce that, Goffstown student, Kacey Palmer (right photo) has been named Student of the Month for October

Kacey has been studying Suzuki flute at the Music School for a year and a half. “When Kacey plays, you can see her love for the instrument,” stated Judy Teehan (left photo), Kacey’s flute teacher. “She really enjoys it and has so much joy in playing. She is a hard worker who is attentive to details. She has accomplished a lot of physical achievement with her tone. She really pushes those notes out!”

When asked what her favorite songs are Kacey replied, “I like the Bach Minuets, and a song called “Amaryllis” by J. Ghys, it’s jumpy, has staccatos, and high flute notes.” Kacey is currently preparing for a recital performance at the Music School.

The Manchester Community Music School is dedicated to providing high-quality music education and performance opportunities for students of all ages and abilities. For more information about the Music School visit the website at or call the Music School office at 603-644-4548.


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