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Dunbarton celebrates John Stark Day at the Town Common with a salute to its History

DUNBARTON 24 April 2017: Today was a beautiful event at the Dunbarton Town Common, which brought in celebrants and local residents to enjoy the annual event of John Stark Day.  Dunbarton is proud to display a statue of Caleb Stark near the Common for visitors to learn more about the history of John Stark and his son, Caleb Stark.

Caleb Stark (December 3, 1759 – August 28, 1838) was the eldest son of General John Stark and his wife Molly Stark.

Caleb was born December 3, 1759, at Dunbarton, New Hampshire. During the American Revolutionary War Caleb served with his father in the 1st New Hampshire Regiment at the Battle of Bunker Hill, Trenton and Princeton as an Ensign. After his father resigned his commission Caleb remained in the Continental Army, serving the rest of the war and rising to the rank of major. In 1787, Caleb married Sarah McKinstry. In 1811, Caleb Stark started the first cotton mill in Suncook, New Hampshire. Stark practiced law and became a historian, and a member of the New Hampshire State Senate. The term during which he served in the New Hampshire Senate lasted from 1818 to 1819. In 1828, he moved to Oxford Township, Ohio, where he would later die on August 28, 1838.