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Goffstown Jimmy Fund Baseball gives up Win to Bedford Game #5

Goffstown loses to Bedford 13-3

Bedford - 27 July 2016 by Brad Godette:  In the classic baseball film, “A League Of Their Own,” Center Fielder, Evelyn, makes a mistake and decides to throw the ball home instead of to second base.  This mistake allows the go-ahead run to score, and sends manager Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks) into a fit.   As his team comes to the dugout after the half-inning, Jimmy expresses his frustration to Evelyn, which leads her to tears and the immortal line from that movie.

Jimmy:  Are you crying?

Evelyn: No.

Jimmy: Are you crying?

Evelyn sniffles and slowly nods her head.

Jimmy: This is baseball.  There’s no crying in baseball!

In Saturday's game, 23 July 2016, Jimmy’s line brings laughter to any audience watching and has resonated so deeply with fans and players, it is one of the most repeated movie lines ever spoken on any baseball field, at any level, during any season.

It’s a good thing Jimmy Dugan didn’t coach Little League baseball, however, especially for those ages 7-10, because Jimmy would have really lost his mind - as tears flow through the dugout each game as freely as cups of Gatorade.  Saturday’s 13-3 loss at the hands of Bedford was no different.

On Saturday July 21st, falling behind quickly 9-1 after two innings - due to several errors and multiple walks, Goffstown couldn’t muster a comeback fast enough to put any pressure on the Bedford team. 

Zachary Godette, Max Bridgeman, Harrison Neff and Adrie Reeves all provided hits (Adrie’s first – a rocket shot to the left side), and Levi Locke and Owen Sereno had great at-bats and played well in the field. Griffin Wilkinson, Connor Bernard, Stevie Dambosie and Brady Godette all showed a “good-eye” in working walks, but for their combined effort, the team just couldn’t find its rhythm and each drive ended with multiple players on base.

In the field, team defense had been a strength of Goffstown coming into the game, and there continued to be some stand-out plays (Zachary throwing out a runner a home in the 1st inning, Griffin making a terrific stop of a grounder at shortstop and then making a heads-up play to tag a runner going by him), but some rare, uncharacteristic errors plagued the team on Saturday allowing Bedford to score 5 runs in the first inning on 3 errors, and 4 runs in the second inning on two more.

As the errors, the walks, and the Bedford runs piled up, the Goffstown tears began to fall.  No one likes to lose.  No one likes to make mistakes.  And as the coaches tried to convince the players that everything was fine (they were in the correct fielding position, they were throwing to the correct base, they made the right decisions, they were trying hard, it’s just the ball and the breaks weren’t on their side today) thoughts of Jimmy Dugan came to mind…

This is baseball.  There’s no crying in baseball!” – It’s doubtful that many of the Goffstown players have ever seen “A League Of Their Own” or even know who Tom Hanks is (let alone Jimmy Dugan), but the line, quoted time and again by the coaches in the Goffstown dugout – and likely by coaches in thousands of Little League dugouts across the country (usually said in that incredulous twang of Jimmy’s) will undoubtedly bring a smile and a laugh to whomever hears it.

And indeed, it once again brought much needed laughter to the Goffstown players. The players find it funny because they know that there is crying in baseball.  And there is laughter in baseball.  And there is every emotion in between in baseball.  It’s why we watch baseball.  It’s why we play and coach baseball.  It’s why we take our kids to dozens of and practices and games each season for baseball.  And it’s why we’ll shake off a bad game of baseball and come back again in a few days to play some more baseball.  Because despite any mistakes or losses or tears, it’s just way too much fun not to.

About:  Jimmy Fund Little League co-presented by Extra Innings and Franklin Sports provides more than 5,000 little league baseball and softball players throughout New England the chance to continue playing after their regular season ends by fundraising and participating in local tournaments.

Off the field, these players take to their communities to raise vital funds for the Jimmy Fund, while learning the importance of philanthropy and volunteerism, and that they, too, can make a difference in the fight against cancer.

Help strike out cancer by participating or supporting Jimmy Fund Little League.

Since 1987, the hard work and winning spirit of the coaches, parents and, most importantly, the players, have raised more than $4.5 million for the Jimmy Fund.


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