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Police Arrest two for Criminal Threatening and Reckless Conduct

GOFFSTOWN - 24 March 2016: Early this morning Goffstown Police officers arrested two suspects involved in allegedly threatening multiple victims, including two juveniles, at their Goffstown home in the Pinardville section of town. The allegations include one of the suspects allegedly threatening the same two minors with a handgun on East Union St. in Goffstown village as well.

Arrested were:

Sarah (Thibeault) Jordan DOB: 11/08/87
Daniel Plummer Rd. Extension
Goffstown, NH









Edward M. “Eddie” Jordan DOB 04/04/87
Daniel Plummer Rd. Extension
Goffstown, NH








Evidence gathered to date indicates that the two arrested this morning were victims of an alleged burglary at their home on Daniel Plummer Rd. Extension on or about March 21, 2016. Goffstown Police were investigating that allegation.

It appears that the suspects in the burglary were known to a relative the Jordans. It is alleged that once the Jordans identified the suspects, rather than notify police, they are alleged to have taken the law into their own hands to recover their stolen items; which they believed to be located in a nearby house on St. Anselm Drive.

Multiple individuals claim that both of the Jordans arrived at their residence the evening after the alleged burglary at the Jordan’s home and threatened them with handguns in an effort to recover their stolen property. It is alleged that the minors mentioned above were threatened with a firearm at the East Union St. location, and again later at the St. Anslem Drive home.

Both Sarah and Edward Jordan are charged with multiple counts of Criminal Threatening (charged as Class B Felonies due to the alleged use of a firearm), and multiple counts of Reckless Conduct (also Class B Felonies because of the alleged use of a firearm).

Bail has been set at $50,000.00 Cash for Sarah Jordan.
Bail has been sat at $90,000.00 Cash for Edward Jordan.

If they don’t post bail, both will be arraigned Monday, March 28 in 9th Circuit Court, Goffstown District Division.

The investigation into these allegations is ongoing…

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