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Michael Bistany to head up Strength & Conditioning for GHS Athletes

GOFFSTOWN - 1 September 2016:  Bill Wynne of met up with Michael (Mike) Bistany at Goffstown High School today.  Mike is in the process of becoming the Strength and Conditioning Coach for all Goffstown High School Athletic Teams.  Mike comes with a long list of accomplishments in his career leading up to this position.  Not only will he be involved on site at Goffstown High School, but he has offered the use of his training facility in Manchester.  It's not just for team players.  Any student attending Goffstown High School may have the opportunity to work directly with Mike to help them improve their needs for body conditioning and strength training. 

In our interview, we discussed working with the teams at GHS to focus on winning personally for players and the teams overall.  For example, the Goffstown Grizzlies football team is  coming off a 14 game winning streak as Champions.  Plenty of work will be focused with players as a majority of the teams players graduated this past June.  Mike looks at this as an opportunity, not an obstacle.

 Michael Bistany to head up Strength and Conditioning for GHS Athletics

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