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Letter to the Editor:  Dunbarton Selectmen appoint Mert Mann as Cemetary Trustee, who was previously convicted of embezzlement from the Dunbarton Historical Society

Dear Editor:

As a past 13 year resident of Dunbarton, who moved out of town just last summer, I try to stay up to date on what is going on in the town.  Imagine how surprised I was that the Board of Selectmen and Board of Cemetery Trustees in their January meetings made a motion and appointed a known felon as a Cemetery Trustee to fill a vacant position.  Several years ago, when I was a member of the Dunbarton Historical Society, Mert Mann was found guilty of embezzling  approximately $16,000 from the Dunbarton Historical Society and spent time in jail and is still currently paying back the Historical Society.  During the January meeting the Selectman Chairman Brian Pike, a relative of Mert Mann, made the motion to have Mr. Mann fill the Trustee position and the motion carried.

I believe it is against NH State law to have a known felon be appointed to a town position.  Within the past few years Mr. Mann tried to run for another town position and was informed at that time that as a felon he could not serve on a town committee.  This was well known within the town and for the Selectmen to ignore that fact and appoint him as a trustee is unconscionable.  Please check the January minutes on the Dunbarton web site to confirm my comments.  

My purpose for writing this letter is strictly to let the citizens of Dunbarton know what is going on in town politics.

Gary Attalla

As stated in 5 January 2017 minutes - Dunbarton Board of Selectmen

Motion: Brian Pike made a motion to appoint Mert Mann as Cemetery Trustee. 

Mike Kaminski seconded the motion. 

Discussion: None 

Vote: (3-0)