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Eagles of Lovell Lake Wakefield NH by photographer Ann Dinsmore

Wakefield NH 19 July 2016 by Ann Dinsmore:  These are eagles of Lovell Lake in Wakefield, NH.  There is both male and female of course and they mate for life.  Each year I wait to see if they return and this year I held my breath as they were late in my first sighting of them.  I am hoping of course that it is due to baby eagles... These eagles of this lake have had an offspring a few years ago and last year, I didn't see the juvenile for the first time...only saw the two adults together and the pictures I capture of those two were, at least for me incredible to say the least.  I watched the two of them sitting on this perch interacting together.  There was "love" flowing between the two!  It was a summer without any eaglets and they spent lots of time together and this summer I haven't seen her yet, just him.  Someday I will have to put together a book about them as I have spent so much time watching them during the summer and capturing their family.  

Here is a photograph taken September of last year, 2015. They mate for life and return to the same nest year after year. Each year I wait for my first sighting of them, again hoping and praying that nothing has happened to them and that they both return. This year I have seen him but not her as of yet. I am hoping that it maybe because she is busy with baby eaglets. Time will tell. This particular shot was a rare time for them both to be on the same branch, (the perch).

For those who have liked my photography page, you may have seen what I wrote about this particular time. It was a time that I saw lots of interaction from them, conversing (oh so verbal on this day), what looked like kissing (beak to beak), grooming each other and looking into each others eyes, him what seemed to be scolding her and then the make up after the scolding. I have learned a lot about these two but still so much more to learn about them. For now I will continue to watch and wait for her to appear and hopefully see an eaglet. I do love these majestic birds. I hope you enjoy the pictures that I post and you may share any of them. If you would like to purchase any, just let me know and I will put it on a sight where you can purchase directly. Thanks for all the likes and comments on my page, I truly enjoy them.



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