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DUNBARTON - General John Stark Day celebration set for 25th April

DUNBARTON - PRESS RELEASE: General John Stark Day In New Hampshire

General John Stark Day will be celebrated in Dunbarton, NH home of the Molly Stark House.  Come join the festive celebration with Revolutionary War reenactments on the Town Common Monday April 25th at 12:30pm. (In case of rain, ceremony will be in the band stand) Gather near the Bronze statue of Caleb Stark at Rte 13 and Robert Rogers Road for speeches by dignitaries and musket salute by the re-enactors.  Colonel Stark led the first NH regiment at the Battle of Bunker Hill and after defeating the Royal Marines, held the retreat after the hill was overrun. He crossed the Delaware with Washington at the Battle of Trenton, and he won the Battle of Bennington.  Gen. Stark most famous quote, “Live Free or Die” can be found on all our license plates. The rest of the quote goes “Death is not the greatest of evils”. 

Come one, come all on Monday April 25th and celebrate Gen. John Stark Day where kids can have their photos with the Revolutionary War re-enactors and talk about history with them.

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