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Dunbarton Police Activity Mid-Year-Report January through 6th June

Dunbarton - 7 June 2016: 2016 has proven to be a busy year for our department thus far. We’ve seen an increase in complex and time consuming criminal investigations and have been working diligently to investigate a variety of crimes to include burglaries, thefts, frauds, drug crimes, assaults, domestic disturbances, computer crimes, stalking, vandalism, harassment, criminal threatening and other criminal activity. As of this writing, we are currently conducting a variety of criminal investigations, several of which are felony-level in nature. We've also seen an increase in calls for police service.

Officer Cattabriga completed her first D.A.R.E course with sixth grade students at the Dunbarton Elementary School. A graduation ceremony was held on June 1st. She will continue to provide this valuable instruction to Dunbarton students during the 2016-2017 school year.

Our department hired a new part-time police officer, Brian Tyler. Officer Tyler has started training with our department and will be attending the 272nd Part-Time Police Officer’s Academy from August thru November.

To date, officers have made 37 arrests. Many of these arrests were the result of criminal investigations which resulted in the application of arrest warrants and/or direct criminal indictments through Superior Court. Many arrests were also the result of motor vehicle enforcement.

So far this year, our agency has logged 2,623 incidents as reported/calls for service. Some of the more notable statistics include:

Animal Complaint – 42
Assist Fire/EMS – 44
Assault – 5
Burglary - 3
Burglar/Panic Alarm – 33
Business Check/Patrol – 190
Directed/Foot Patrol – 388
Domestic Related – 16
Harassment/Stalking – 14
Larceny/Fraud – 24
Littering/Illegal Dumping – 7
Mental Health Emergency – 5
Motorist Assist – 23
Motor Vehicle Collision – 30
Motor Vehicle Complaint – 35
Motor Vehicle Stop – 575
Mutual Aid/Assist Other Agency – 33
Pistol/Revolver License Application – 46
Sexual Assault - 1
School Patrol – 58
Suspicious Activity/Person/Vehicle – 68
Traffic Hazard – 21
Vacant House Checks – 191
Vandalism – 11
Welfare Check – 9

To date, officers have issued 46 motor vehicle citations, the three primary reasons of which were speed (17), followed by non-inspection (11) and stop sign violations (9).

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