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Dunbarton Police issue summon's to two individuals for illegal dumping off of Long Pond Boat Launch area

Dunbarton 23 May 2017 - As reported by the Dunbarton Police Department: 'Tis the season for home renovations, construction projects and new mattresses.... but please do not use our recreational areas or the private property of the citizens of Dunbarton as your dump. 

Today we received a call from a concerned citizen who observed a truck heading down the the Long Pond Boat Launch area, thankfully he followed his instinct in thinking that with a bed full of bricks, the two male occupants were not there for fishing or an afternoon of kayaking. He contacted DPD with the plate of the vehicle and said he had seen them unloading the bricks onto  the property and confronted them. Sgt Remillard and Detective Cattabriga were able to respond quickly and find the two males actively trying to pick up all of the bricks they had already dumped over the embankment. Both males were summonsed for Illegal Dumping - a Class B Misdemeanor and given a June 26, 2017 court date. 

Please continue to call if you feel something is suspicious, these are quality of life issues that we as a Department want to be notified of.