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New Biggest Boulder in Dunbarton re-discovered 825 tons estimate

Dunbarton - June 27, 2016: A new 13 Wonder has been found. It is one big glacial boulder! Our boulder-chaser teeam measured a circumference of approx. 95 feet, which translates to an average diameter of 30 feet.  As best lour experts could measure, the maximum height is about 20 feet.  Using the a horizontal radius of 15 feet and a vertical radius of 10 feet, the approximate ellipsoidal volume is 4/3* pi*15*15*10, which is approximately 9,400 cubic feet.

Assuming that the granitic rock weighs approx. 175 pounds per cubic foot, the boulder weighs approx. 1.65 million pounds, or approx. 825 tons!  Previously measured boulders in Dunbarton weighed in the range of 100 Tons.  We have a winner.
Thanks to Orrie Dawson of Goffstown who provided the directions to the location of the biggest boulder in Dunbarton which was mentioned in Alice Hadley's classic history of our town, Where the Winds Blow Free.

The commission will organize a hike to it later this year.

(Courtesy of Dunbarton Conservation)

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